About Us

Exceptional Legal Service Delivered Consistently

We hate to admit it. But we’ve seen it over and over. Clients getting charged for unnecessary legal services and additional lawyers just to increase billable hours. So we made a conscious decision to take a different approach.

With a north star of delivering outstanding customer experiences, our mission is to expand our clients growth opportunities through world class legal advice and consultation.

A Higher Standard For Corporate Legal Services

Over the years we’ve witnessed enormous changes. Changes in client requirements, business landscape and the ever advancing pace of technology. Our mix of values of adaptability, perseverance and future vision are what allow us to address these market needs time and again.

Today, as a direct result of our dedication to excellence and our client-centric north star, we have built a law firm that has stood the test of time and continuously met evolving client needs over the past 35 years in the UAE and globally

Why We Built Apex Juris

Apex Juris was co-founded by Award Winning lawyers Dr Makkawi and Advocate Faiza Khalifa. From humble beginnings to global presence, they know what is needed to grow multi-million dollar organizations.

Apex Juris was built first and foremost as a customer focused corporate law firm to provide a seamless transition between organizations needs and meaningful results in an open, transparent attorney-client relationship.

Our Global Presence

35+ years in UAE

166 Countries

100+ Member Law Firms